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  • 5 Meter Talon Clip Igniters
  • 5 Meter Talon Clip Igniters
  • 5 Meter Talon Clip Igniters
  • 5 Meter Talon Clip Igniters

5 Meter Non-Pyrogen Clip Igniters (25 Igniters)


Product Description

Each unit contains twenty five 5 meter (16.40 ft. long wire) non-pyrogen Talon electric clip igniters for the ignition of a fireworks display with orange wire.

Installation Tips:

The non-pyrogen clip igniters are designed to ignite fuse using a power source 12 volts or greater.

Non-pyrogen clip igniters should only be hooked to the firing system in parallel.

When installing the clip igniter onto the fuse don't move the clip up, down, or side to side once on the fuse. This will weaken or break the element.

Move the wire from between the clip bending the wire at 90 degrees, open the igniter like a clothespin, place the fuse in the slot and close the igniter. Cutting off the extra fuse makes the igniter easy to tape in place but not necessary. Secure in place with tape so the igniter won't move, breaking the element.

If using heavy coated fuse weaken the coating so the element ignites the fuse before breaking. The heavy coating can be scraped off or a V can be cut in the outer shell of the fuse and the clip filament placed in the V cut in the fuse.

Use the clip igniters out of the original box they come in. The clips snag on one another as you pull them out of the box.

Do not store the igniters in a warm environment or in direct sunlight. Store in the house not in the warm garage so the rubber bands won't weaken.

Non-pyrogen clip igniters can be safely installed on the firework before taking the product in the field so the user can spend less time in the field setting up a show.

Product Videos

Talon Clip Igniter Installation and Fusing Firework 44:35

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