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How did Remote Firing Systems .com start?

How did Remote Firing Systems .com start?

Dewey on 8th Mar 2015

Back in 2004 or 2005, I assembled fused cake boards and used a torch from several positions at the same time to create fireworks fronts. I found the Pyrouniverse forums and started reading about building my own wired firing system. I built a simple 10 cue box with switches and clips on the side of the box. I used the wired system in one show with three positions, I told myself, I'm not running that much wire to set up a fireworks show.

Months later there was a forum discussion about building a 32 cue firing system, and I was the first person to complete a wireless firing system, at the time I built three system and told myself I'll never need more than three systems!!! I posted on the forums about my progress and had forum members contact me about building a system for them. Well, I decided to make a simple website and purchased the domain. I ended up selling around 20 systems the first year, back then I made the firing system faceplate myself, which is allot of work.

Over the years the original S32 system changed with different receivers and remotes, I worked on new ideas for new systems with other manufactures, worked on updating the website so it was easier to use, and added new firing systems to the website when new firing systems were manufactured.

The firing system market has grown in ten years, and the end user benefits. One product that changed everything in my opinion is the development of the non-pyrogen clip igniter. The clip igniter is something the average user can purchase and use with no government regulations. Without the clip igniter I don't think the remote firing system market would be what it is today.