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MS12Q Firing System

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Did you know that Remote Firing Systems .com sells a modified version of the original MS12Q? 

When testing the original MS12Q with a cue on time (length of time the cue is active) of .30 seconds (less than 1/3 of a second), I noticed ignition failures when using non-pyrogen clip igniters. While inspecting the failed ignitions I noticed the fuse had a black burn mark on the outer fuse coating, the clip igniter didn't have time to burn through the outer fuse coating and ignite the inner black powder core.

I decided to contact the manufacture and have the cue on time changed to .60 seconds (twice the original cue on time). The new setting allows time for non-pyrogen clip igniters to heat up, burn through the outer coating of safety fuse, and ignite the black power core. In general, the smaller firing systems are purchased by enthusiasts who use non-pyrogen clip igniters, not real ematches, the longer cue on time improves ignition success.

It's also important to understand the importance of a good firing system power source. Alkaline AA batteries aren't a good power source for a firing system, for the same reason alkaline batteries don't work well in digital cameras. Alkaline AA batteries aren't ideal for high-drain devices because they can't supply the juice fast enough. So they have a short run-time, if they work at all, especially in colder temperatures.

The MS12Q can be hooked externally using the provided external battery jumper to a 12 volt battery (above 2 Ah is recommended), and increases the amount of non-pyrogen clip igntiers that can be reliably ignited per cue from two clip igniters per cue when using internal alkaline AA batteries, to six clip igniters per cue when using a more powerful 12 volt battery.

The MS12Q has some features not found on the typical small firing systems on the market. The MS12Q has an aluminum case, not a cheap plastic case. The MS12Q has overload protection that limits the current that can flow through the fifteen amp rated circuit to eleven amps so the circuit won't be damaged by the high current flow if a cue is shorted. This allows the system to be used with a larger battery that would most likely damage a system without circuit protection. 

The MS12Q can be controlled by a manual 100 meter or sequence 100 meter remote.

MS12Q Firing System Video