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MS32Q Firing System

MS32Q Firing System

Dewey on 22nd Mar 2015

When RFRemotech manufactured the MS32Q firing system, I received a few MS32Q to test. I didn't expect much from the firing system, but when I received the firing system and started testing, I found the MS32Q surprising compared to the products RFRemotech distributed in the past. 

The MS32Q comes with a newly designed 200 meter FSK remote that has a retractable antenna, small LEDs that back light the buttons, an on/off switch for safety, an LED that is red when the remote is on that changes to green when the remote is transmitting, and the remote falls asleep if it sits idle for three minutes to save battery power.

For me, the MS32Q firing system was the surprise. The system has some nice changes, changes that make the firing system safer and more reliable to use and the build quality is good. The MS32Q has current limiting protection that limits the amount of amperage that can flow to a cue. The protection limits the current flow to 11 amps and the mosfet are rated for 15 amps. The MS32Q also has short circuit protection, if the system detects a shorted cue, for example a cue that has wires touching each other, creating a dead short, the cue can not be activated by the remote. The two levels of overload protection ensure the system won't be damaged by an overloaded cue.

The MS32Q can be hooked to many different DC power sources ranging from 12 to 24 volts. The MS32Q comes with an AA battery holder that holds eight AA batteries. The AA battery holder is the weakest choice for a power source. Using the AA battery holder the system is capable of firing two non-pyrogen clip igniters, I-match, or two ematches in parallel, and six ematches in series per cue. A better choice for a power source is a 12 volt battery like the 12 volt 2.3 ah sla battery sells, or a rechargeable power tool battery like a DeWalt 18 volt battery. When the MS32Q is powered by a more powerful power source the system is capable of igniting six non-pyrogen clip igniters, I-match or ematches hooked in parallel, and twelve ematches in series per cue.

The MS32Q can be used with a manual 200 meter fsk remote or a stepper 200 meter fsk remote. The manual remote works like all the other remotes, you choose the cue you want to fire next and push the appropriate button. To use the stepper remote you push the Stepper button to advance to the next cue. The Stop button can be pressed to reset the MS32Q back to the first cue and the Lock/Unlock button can be used to lock or unlock the remote.

If you are looking for a firing system that won't empty your bank account, the MS32Q may be the firing system for you.

MS32Q Firing System Video