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The SparkFire Series of Remote Firing Systems

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The SparkFire is a compact 32 cue remote firing system with great igniting capabilities. The SparkFire is mounted in a Seahorse 300 case for water and debris protection, and the SparkFire cue output is 11 amps.

The SparkFire is assembled in Iowa, each component is tested, then the remote and SparkFire are range tested at 650 feet before being shipped to the new owner.

There are four different configurations of the SparkFire. The SparkFire can be purchased with or without an internal 12 volt sla battery and with or without a CN36 port for the connection of a 32 cue wired slat.

The SparkFire with or without an internal battery can be externally powered using the external battery jumper to a DC external battery, 12 to 24 volts, and we recommend the battery is at least 2 ah is capacity. A few examples of a power source are a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, or a 12 to 24 volt cordless power tool battery.

The internal 12 volt 2.3 ah sealed lead acid battery is a popular option for the SparkFire. The battery is securely mounted in the case with an aluminum bracket and the battery can easily be replaced by the owner when it is time to replace the internal battery. The battery is charged through the charger port with the optional SparkFire charger.

The optional CN36 port is a popular option for the customer that wants to hook the SparkFire to a 32 cue wired slat like the Genegade or Ace Pyro 32 cue slat. The best source for 36 pin Centronics cables is The ability to hook a wired slat to the SparkFire makes the system versital. Wired slats can be mounted on shooting trailer close to the mortars and later the SparkFire with a CN36 port can be hooked to the slat with a short Centronics cable for igniting the show. Another use is hooking multiple slats to the SparkFire with a CN36 port to create fronts. We recommend hooking the SparkFire to a 24 volt power source using two 12 volt batteries in series if more than 100 feet of Centronic cables are hooked to the SparkFire. An example is four Renegade 32 cue slats hooked to the SparkFire with CN36 port using four 50 foot Centronics cables.

The SparkFire has duel overload circuit protection so high amperage from a shorted cue will not damage the firing system. The first form of protection is a circuit limiting the amperage flowing through the 15 amp rated circuits to 11 amps. The second form of protection is heat protection, limiting amperage to a cue if too much heat is created while a shorted cue is active. Hooked to a good internal or external power source the SparkFire is capable of igniting 10 (Talon) non-pyrogen clip igniters, I-match or ematches in parallel or 20 ematches in series

The SparkFire can be controlled by many different remotes. The 200 meter black manual remote that is provided with the purchase of a SparkFire has an on/off switch, retractable antenna, backlit buttons for convenient night use, and is powered by a 12 volt A23 battery behind the battery door. 

The S12 transmitter has six individual codes replacing six handheld remotes, large buttons, internal rechargeable battery, and a gooseneck LED light for convenient night use. The S12C is a computer controlled S12 remote. The user can design a show on their windows laptop and control the S12C using the computer in full automatic, semi-automatic or full manual modes. 

The SparkFire can be controlled by the Multi-Function 200 meter remote in manual, sequence and stepper modes. There is 10 codes available in manual mode, replacing 10 handheld remotes. In Sequence and stepper mode, there are 40 total codes available in each mode.

The SparkFire is a powerful and reliable firing system for your backyard or professional display.

SparkFire YouTube Video