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  • Cobra 18R Manual Remote
  • Cobra 18R Manual Remote

Cobra 18R Manual Remote


Product Description

Boasting bi-directional communication, the 18R removes the guesswork that exists in most wireless systems by allowing you to check continuity, arm-state, and signal strength directly from the remote. You can feel confident knowing your modules are armed, in good range, and ready to fire from the palm of your hand at any time.


The COBRA 18R uses simple channel controls to control up to 100 unique channels from a single remote. Simply change the channel on the remote to fire modules set to the same channel. With 100 channels and 18 cues per module, you can fire up to 1,800 unique cues. You can also set as many modules as you want to the same channel to fire multiple positions at the same time.


Different from uni-directional wireless firing systems, all COBRA systems contain bi-directional transceivers. This means that each firing module can transmit information such as cue continuity, signal strength and arm-state back to the hand-held remote. This gives you the last minute confidence that the modules are in range, armed, and still showing good continuity for each of the desired cues.

Long Range:

Although COBRA advertises a 1,500+ ft. (500+ m) range, the MeshConnect™ Extended Range ZICM2410P2 RF Module used by COBRA is advertised over 12,000+ ft. (3,000+ m). This is a manufacturer's spec and is based on the RF Module having the possibility of receiving a command. For pyrotechnics, we depend on guaranteed firing and not possibilities. Therefore, we don't advertise this range although the system can transmit this far. In extreme range tests, we successfully fired cues from over 1.7 mi. (2.7 km) in over-water conditions.

When pressing any fire button on the remote including individual 1-18 fire, STEP fire, or AUTO-FIRE, COBRA will send out 12 redundant firing command pulses. This ensures that if one command is missed, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc... will be received. If your signal strength readings are beyond the recommended -70 value, the system will fire, however it is recommended that you hold the firing button down until you see visual confirmation. This is because the remote sends about 40 redundant firing commands a second when held

Power Conservation:

The 18R will last for up to 15 hours in active operation. At any time you can power on the 18R to determine the current battery lift displaying 1 through 9 where 1 is low power and 9 is full power. In addition, the 18R has a built-in power conservation feature that causes the remote to go to sleep if left on accidentally. In sleep mode, the 18R will last for over 72 hours.

Night Friendly:

The 18R provides bright backlit silicon keypads for easy night viewing. In addition, wide-button keypads make you feel confident you won't accidentally press the wrong buttons or multiple buttons at the same time. Once pressed, a red LED displays on the remotes's 18-cue LED grid confirming fire.


The 18R is enclosed in 2.5mm thick high-strength ABS plastic. The clear design blocks all entry of air, moisture and dust into the electronic housing by eliminating the need for cut-outs and micro-gaps in the enclosure. Polyurethane-coated fire-retardant silicon keypads have custom walls that push up against the top-enclosure to protect against moisture and dust. All switches and antenna connectors are also sealed using Loctite® 401 waterproof adhesive.

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