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  • MS32Q Pro Remote Fireworks Firing System
  • Included with the MS32Q Pro is the manual remote, antenna and external battery jumper.
  • MS32Q Pro fireworks firing system in yellow case.
  • MS32Q Pro fireworks firing system in orange case.
  • MS32Q Pro fireworks firing system in black case.
  • MS32Q Pro fireworks firing system in grey case.
  • The LED located on the front of the case is attached to cue A1 so the remote to MS32Q Pro range can be tested.
  • The MS32Q Pro can be powered by an external DC battery 12 volts to 24 volts above 2 ah in size.
  • The MS32Q Pro can be powered by an external DC battery 12 volts to 24 volts above 2 ah in size.
  • MS32Q Pro internal Interstate 12 volt SLA  battery option.
  • The MS32Q Profireworks firing system has the option of an internal 12 volt sla battery and battery charger.
  • TCF200-12LN manual remote is included with the MS32Q Pro firing system.
  • There are many remotes that will control the MS32Q Pro firework firing system.
  • The optional cn36 port can be added for use with the Renegade slat and centronics cables.
  • A left cn36 port can be added to the MS32Q Pro firing system.
  • A left and right cn36 port can be added to the MS32Q Pro firing system.
  • The antenna extension wire can be used with the MS32Q Pro firing system.

MS32Q PRO - 32 Cue Fireworks Firing System *NEW*


Product Description

Remote Firing Systems .com and RFRemotech have teamed up to create an exciting product geared toward the fireworks user that want's more out of a manually controlled firing system. Introducing the new MS32Q Pro fireworks firing system.

The MS32Q Pro firing system comes standard with a black 90 degree antenna, and the external alligator clip battery jumper. No remote is included in the base price, see remote options before adding a MS32Q to the cart. Marked standard is the manual remote, other choices are the step remote, multi-function remote, or no remote. A SE300 yellow case is standard, but there's four case colors to choose from. Other options are a 12 volt sla internal battery, charger for the internal battery, and CN36 port for wired slats. Each system is built to order, which may take up to two business days. 

MS32Q Pro Key Features:

  • The MS32Q Pro can be controlled from any of the 200 meter FSK remotes RFRemotech manufactures so the MS32Q Pro can be used in conjunction with the MS32Q and the MB32Q firing systems controlled from the same remotes. The remotes include the TCF200-12LN manual remote, the TCF200-12LNX sequence remote, the TCF200-6XT stepper remote, and the TCF200-U multi-function remote in the FSK setting.
  • The MS32Q Pro has a starting price of under $8.50 per cue, a great value.
  • Advanced FSK modulation with CRC encryption and excellent anti-jam performance.
  • The MS32Q Pro cue ON time is increased to 1 second instead of the standard MS32Q 1/2 second cue ON time. This was done to allow more time for igniting clip igniters when using long runs of wire and wired slats.
  • Designed with overload protection, allowing 10 amps per cue.
  • Designed to disable a cue if there is a short circuit on a cue, the MS32Q Pro won't be damaged from high amperage, even when using a large battery.
  • Faceplate design, manufactured to install into an American made Seahorse 300 case with four case color options.
  • The antenna system is upgraded and the ability to use an antenna extension wire (sold separately).
  • The option of an internal rechargeable 12 volt 2.3 Ah SLA battery and the option of powering the MS32Q Pro with an external 12 to 24 volt DC power source above 2 Ah in size. Ignite six clip igniters or ematches in parallel, or ignite 12 ematches in series per cue.
  • The option of a left, or left and right CN36 port that are installed in parallel allow the MS32Q Pro to be used with wired slats like the Renegade 32 cue slat or Ace 32 cue slat, and Ace centronics cables. Ace Pyro .com sells both medium duty and heavy duty slat cables. Data cables with CN36 port do not work, the data cable only uses 25 wires and is not wired properly. cable link

Transmitter Key Features:

  • The 433.92 MHz FSK 200 meter transmitter is compatible with the RFRemotech MS32Q, MS32Q Pro and MB32Q systems.
  • On/Off power switch.
  • Backlit buttons.
  • Red LED when turned on. Green indicator LED when transmitting. Blinking red when the battery voltage is low.
  • The transmitter goes to sleep / locks after three minutes with no use to save battery life and for security.
  • Advanced transmitter technology sending out packets of information when transmitting.
  • 200 meter range. We recommend the MS32Q Pro antenna is at least eighteen inches off the ground with antenna extended straight up for best results. The transmitter antenna should be extended, at least four feet off the ground, pointed straight up.
  • Powered by a 12 volt A23 battery under the back cover.

Why purchase the MS32Q Pro from Remote Firing Systems .com?

The transmitter is taken apart and inspected, some components are re-soldered. The firing system components are inspected and tested as the firing system is assembled, after assembly a full load and function test is performed.

A conformal coating is applied to all received electronic components for corrosion protection.

The transmitter and receiver are range tested at 650 feet before shipping to the customer.

One year warranty (see Terms and Conditions for more information).

The MS32Q Pro is not a disposable firing system, it can be returned for repair if a problem does arise.

Please check the applicable options available before adding to the cart.


Product Videos

MS32Q Pro Firing System - Ordering Options 10:16

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  1. Ms32q pro 32 cue firing system 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2019

    Recently purchased two systems and multi channel remote. Can’t be happier. Very well built, ease of use. Will last along time.used 50 ft of 22gauge scab wire,4 clip igniters 3meters long on one cue with no issues using internal battery24 volts would really shine.

  2. Amazing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jan 2019

    For years I have conducted a backyard firework show and every year it has grown in popularity and in size. After many years of watching videos, calculating times, measuring fuse, and attaching fuse in the summer heat I finally decided that enough is enough! I bought one MS32Q just to significantly cut down on the fuse time. I am very pleased with the results, easy to use and immediate firing. I am excited for next year, which is going to be huge! Last year (2018) we had a turnout of 56 people show up just for the show! I love the system, and highly recommend it!
    Notice: I recommend covering up the system when firing w/ a pan of some sorts to avoid damage from the debris.

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