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Multi-Function Transmitter - SparkFire and S32 Firing Systems

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Product Description

The multi-function transmitter is a dual frequency, multi-functional transmitter. Included with the transmitter is a hard case, antenna, two keys, and USB charging cord.

Note: The firmware has been updated after the video. Once in step mode if the Stop button on the transmitter is pushed the user can then switch to manual mode and control the firing system in manual mode.

Key Features:

1. Dual Frequency; 433.92 MHz OOK and 434.76 MHz FSK.

1.1 In the OOK setting the transmitter will control any transmitter RFRemotech manufactures that is controlled from the 100M OOK transmitter TCF100-12LN. The systems include the AlphaFire, MS12Q, and SuperbFire V2 and V3.

1.2 In the FSK setting the multi-function transmitter will control the 32 cue firing systems. The systems include the SparkFire, S32E and S32I with program button, and the discontinued SuperbFire FSK. The multi-function transmitter will not control older firing system models with a three position code switch.

2. Three different modes; manual, sequence, and step. The sequence times in sequence mode are; .01 thru .09, 1.0, 2.0.

2.1 The multi-function transmitter will control the S32E / S32I with a program button in manual mode.

2.2 The SuperbFire FSK version 2 in all three modes and SuperbFire FSK version 1 in manual mode only. Note: The SuperbFire FSK version 2 will need to be returned for firmware updating to function in all three modes.

2.3 The Sparkfire in all three modes.

3. Multiple codes.

3.1 The multi-function transmitter has 10 different codes in manual mode when controlling a 32 cue firing system, and 40 different codes in sequence and step mode.

4. The transmitter can be handheld or mounted to a camera tripod.

5. Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7 volt battery.

5.1 The battery can be charged using any 5 volt computer USB port, or 5 volt phone charger with a regular USB or mini USB receptacle. Included with the transmitter is a USB charging cord. Plug the cord into the transmitter and USB port, then turn the key On to charge.

6. Low power indication. Blinking red LED when the battery needs to be charged.

7. Lighted buttons.

8. Auto sleep and locking buttons.

8.1 The transmitter falls asleep after 3 minutes if a button is not pushed to save battery power and for safety.

9. Power On/Off keyed switch.

10. 200 meter range.


The multi-function transmitter has a one year parts defect warranty. Burned and melted parts are not covered. Water damage is not covered. Misuse is not covered.


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