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S12 Transmitter - SparkFire and S32 Firing Systems

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Product Description

Included with the S12 transmitter is a 12 volt 2.3 ah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, battery charger, two keys, 6 place rotary code switch, and LED gooseneck light. A yellow SE300 case is standard.

Note: A black or orange case can be special ordered.

Note: The S12 transmitter will control any of the older S32I / S32E firing systems with a three position code switch, S32I / S32E with a program button, SuperbFire FSK, and the SparkFire.

Note: The S12 will not control any of the products RFRemotech manufactures.

Product Information:

Twelve large waterproof buttons with good spacing between the buttons. The transmitter buttons can be operated with winter gloves on the operator's hands.

A rotary switch with six codes for a total of 192 individual cues from one transmitter.

Keyed On/Off switch. The keyed switch arms the transmitter.

External 12 volt battery holder for the external battery. The external battery is meant to be back up power in case there is something wrong with the internal power source.

Internal / External battery switch. The switch is used to choose either the internal or external power source. The switch should be in the Off position when the transmitter is not in use. If the switch is left in the internal position the LED light circuit will slowly drain the power source. The switch is placed in the internal position to charge the battery, then turned back off for storage.

USB port for a USB gooseneck LED light. The gooseneck light is powered by the internal battery only. The light circuit is not controlled by the keyed switch so the light can be turned on by placing the battery switch to internal battery and off by placing the battery switch in the off position.

The automatic charger included with the transmitter has an LED on the wall unit that will be red when charging, and green when the unit is charged. The automatic charger will not overcharge the battery. The battery should be charged once every two months when in storage, before use, and after use.

Charger LED indicates the charger plug is properly installed. The light illuminates green when the charger is correctly plugged into the port.

Power LED indicates the key is on. The Power LED is red when the chosen power source, either internal or external power, is above 10.25 vdc. When the power source is below 10.25 vdc the Power LED turns green. When the Power LED is green the internal battery should be charged or the external battery should be replaced with a fresh 12 vdc A23 battery.

The Button LED illuminates when a button is pushed.

Folding metal antenna. The antenna can swivel and can be replaced. The antenna should be extended straight up before the transmitter is used. The transmitter should be used four feet or more up off the ground so it can transmit a better signal.

The FSK cased transmitter range is 650 ft. when the firing system its controlling is off the ground at least 18 inches or the optional antenna extension wire in installed on the firing system. A firing system will receive a better transmitter signal when the antenna is placed up off the ground.

The S12 FCC ID is YMU-TCF200SP. The frequency is 434.76 MHz and transmits in FSK.


The S12 transmitter has a one year parts defect warranty. Scratches, burn marks and misuse are not covered under the warranty. Water damage is not covered. Any changes made to the transmitter voids the warranty. The Seahorse 300 case has a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.



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