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Cobra Show Creator Software, One Year License

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Product Description

COBRA Show Creator is a comprehensive scripting software for creating and editing musical and non-musical scripts for your 18R2 Controller. The software is web-based ( and is available in both PC and MAC environments by operating on the Chrome web-browser only. In addition, the software can operate in offline mode without internet to support the basic functions such as script creation, editing, and export.

COBRA Show Creator is a subscription based software program costing $49.99 yearly. This includes support and feature improvements. Once purchased, your activation code is normally sent within 1 hour, but can take up to 12. If you have not received your code within 12 hours, please reach out to us at

To access the COBRA Show Creator software, visit

COBRA Show Creator includes the following features:

  • Scripting Flexibility (Timed Only, STEP Only, Combined STEP / Timed)
  • Pyromusical Support
  • Web-Based / Offline Mode
  • Dynamic Waveform
  • Auto-Incrementing Cues
  • Personal Fireworks Database
  • Embedded YouTube Videos
  • Reporting & Labels
  • Live Chat / Customer Support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Future Improvements

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