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RFRemotech - AlphaFire (Version 9) Firing System 4 Cue Kit

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Product Description

The RFRemotech AlphaFire 4 cue kit includes four AlphaFire (version 9) modules and a TCF100-LN manual 100 meter remote.

 Product Information:

The new AlphaFire module has some great improvements over previous models including;

The AlphaFire version 9 is powered by a 9 volt power source and can ignite one Talon clip igniter, two ematches in parallel, or six ematches in series when using an Energizer Industrial battery.

The ability to be controlled by several different OOK remotes; TCF100-LN manual remote, TCF100-LNX sequence remote. Can be used in conjunction with the MS12Q operated from the same remote.

NOTE; the AlphaFire version 9 doesn't work with the TCF200-U remote.

Overload and short protection so the electronic parts can't be damaged by a short in cue.

Low power red flashing LED indication so the user knows when to replace the battery.

Why purchase the AlphaFire from Remote Firing Systems .com?

The remote and modules are tested for proper operation before shipping to the customer .

Free one warranty; the manufacture doesn't provide a warranty.


One year parts defect warranty. Scratches and burns are not covered. Water damage is not covered. Misuse is not covered.




  • 5
    Alphafire 9

    Posted by Frank Magobet on 9th Jul 2021

    Product was delivered as advertised and performed flawlessly, it doesn't get better then that.

  • 5
    remote detonator

    Posted by michael hockman on 12th Aug 2020

    Did not receive set up instructions. Response from Dewey; I send a personal e-mail to each customer with the tracking information, attached instructions, and video links.

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