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RFRemotech - MS12Q 12 Cue Remote Wireless Firing System

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Product Description

Included is the MS12Q firing system, keys, external battery jumper, and a 100 meter manual transmitter.

Product Information:

Dual power capable: Six internal AA batteries, we recommend using Energizer Industrial or Duracell Procell batteries. the MS12Q is capable of 2 clip igniters per cue using AA Energizer Industrial batteries.

The updated 2015 MS12Q can be connected to an external 12 to 18 volt DC power source (above 2 AH is recommended) using the external battery jumper. If the MS12Q is hooked to a 12 volt SLA 2.3 ah battery the system is capable of igniting 6 clip igniters per cue.

Dual firing modes: Manual transmitter and sequence transmitter. The MS12Q comes with a TCF100-12LN 100m manual transmitter. The MS12Q Plus comes with both TCF100-12LN 100m manual and TCF100-12LNX 100m sequence transmitters.

Low power internal battery warning.

Overload protection to protect the cue from damage due to high current.

A conformal coating is applied to the electronic components minimizing corrosion.

All receiver and transmitter components are inspected and tested for proper function. The receiver and transmitter are range tested at 300 ft. before shipping to the customer.

The MS12Q is not a disposable firing system, it can be returned for repair.

Why purchase the MS12Q from Remote Firing Systems .com?

The remote and receiver are taken apart and quality inspected.

The remote and receiver are range tested at 300 feet and load tested for proper operation before shipping to the customer.

Free one year warranty; the manufacture does not provide a warranty.


One year parts defect warranty. Scratches and burns are not covered. Water damage is not covered. Misuse is not covered.



  • 5

    Posted by Daryl Parsons on 24th Jul 2020

    Works great! Very easy to use for (great for beginners)!

  • 5
    Ignitor system worked perfectly

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jul 2020

    Wired up about 30 big fireworks to the 12 zones. Used extra fuse to time delay some on each zone. Everything worked perfect and every firework ignited exactly as planned.

  • 5
    Awesome value, great support, excellent for beginners!

    Posted by Kyle Anderson on 31st Jul 2019

    I was hesitant towards investing in an electronic wireless system. This kit makes it extremely user-friendly. Test LED included! 12V auto clips included! If you have ever replaced batteries in a remote and wired the old school positive/negative terminal ends for speaker/audio systems, this is all the training required. Flawless operation and everyone (including myself, finally) enjoyed the show! Very easy to use system with your choice of power via (6) AA batteries or a 12V automotive battery. Thank you for offering this system!

  • 5
    Sit back and actually enjoy the show!

    Posted by Jason on 4th Jul 2016

    Moving from using punks, to lighters, to blow torches, and then to a firing system was and is the greatest move I have made. I could finally sit back and enjoy all my hard work. Great product for such a low price.

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