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Terms and Conditions

Remote Firing Systems .com ( Terms and Conditions

1. General
1.1. Remote Firing Systems .com ( assembles the MB32Q Pro and MS32Q Pro series of firing systems for the ignition of fireworks. also distributes firing systems for the ignition of fireworks manufactured by other companies.

2. Conditions of Use
2.1. The customer understands and acknowledges that: (a) It has purchased the product with the intent to use the product; (b) The customer waives any and all claims whatsoever against

3. Waiver of Claims
The customer shall have no claim against resulting from the use of the product. shall not be responsible to reimburse the customer for any costs, damages or losses arising from the customer’s use of the product, including, without limitation, claims for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages. The foregoing disclaimer of liability extends to all types of costs, damages and losses incurred by the customer including without limitation, personal injury or death, loss or damage to property, loss of operations, loss of profits, loss of product, loss of productivity and down-time, whether suffered by the customer or any other person that is affiliated with the customer, a member of the audience or part of any use of the product, directly or indirectly.

4. Returns
4.1. The customer may return the product to within 30 days of receipt for a full refund of the product’s purchase price, if paid by the customer provided there is no damage and / or product wear and tear. The customer’s sole and exclusive remedy against shall be for a refund of the purchase price, if paid, not the shipping charges, if the order was shipped.

5. Warranty
5.1. The RFRemotech firing systems and remotes are covered be a One year limited warranty which includes factory defects in manufacturing or assembly.

5.2 The MB32Q Pro and MS32Q Pro series of firing systems and remotes are covered by a one year limited warranty which includes factory defects in manufacturing or assembly.

5.3 The Cobra Firing system and remote is covered by a five year limited manufacture warranty which includes factory defects in manufacturing or assembly.

5.4 Batteries, chargers, antennas, antenna wires, pyro pokes, shooting wire, continuity testers, and non-pyrogen clip igniters are sold "as is no warranty".

5.5 will replace or repair the equipment and pay to ship the product back to the customer. This warranty does not cover accidental damage or damage sustained outside normal use. Please note that the products are not weatherproof and if used outdoors, they should be adequately protected to prevent damage.

6. Other Terms

6.1. As with all of products, the customer is fully responsible for the installation and the operation of the product. The customer shall meet all relevant occupational, safety and health requirements. The customer shall ensure a safe operating environment in accordance with industry best practice.

6.2. The customer understands and acknowledges the purpose of this equipment is to cause initiation of industry standard pyrotechnic electric matches and non-pyrogen igniter clips to ignite fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects. The use of fireworks and special effects materials may cause personal injuries or death to yourself or others, including spectators. Safety is your responsibility and is beyond the control of The buyer / user assumes all responsibility and liability in the use of this equipment and further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless and its agents against all liability for injury, loss, or damage direct or consequential arising out of the use of, or inability to use this equipment.

Although may offer suggestions for the safe operation of the product, accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries to the customer's personnel, or damage to the customer's equipment. The customer is responsible for the placement of warning notices, and for anticipating the consequences of product failure. The customer accepts full responsibility for all risk to its personnel and equipment. The customer is responsible for compliance with any and all federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning the use of fireworks and/or special effects items.