Featured Products

S32I  32Q Remote Firing System
S32E 32Q Remote Firing System
 SparkFire E 32Q Remote Firing System
SparkFire E 32Q Firing System with CN36 Port
 SparkFire I 32Q Remote Firing System
SparkFire I 32Q Firing System with CN36 Port
S12 FSK Transmitter (Remote)
 S12C Computer Controlled Transmitter (Remote)New* Multi-Function  200 Meter Transmitter
New*  Black 200 Meter FSK Manual Transmitter
MS32Q 32Q Remote Firing System
MS32Q Remote Firing System Package
MS12Q 12Q Remote Firing System
MS12Q Plus 12Q Remote Firing System
 3 Meter Non-Pyrogen Clip Igniters (80 Igniters)
5 Meter Non-Pyrogen Clip Igniters (40 Igniters)
Renegade 32 cue Slat
Renegade 32 Cue Slat in SE300 Case
Merlock Genlll Digital Firing System
Cobra 18R  Manual Remote
Cobra 18R2 Scripted Remote
Cobra 18M  Firing Module
 Armored Case for 18M Module
18R / 18R2 Armored Carrying Case
Cobra Audio Box
Mounting Boot for 18M Module


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