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The brass non-sparking 3/16" Pyro Poke is perfect for creating holes in a fireworks lift charge for the insertion of an un-shrouded ematch, Firewire Initiator, or safety fuse.

3/16" Pyro Poke Safety Fireworks Awl For Fuse and Un-Shrouded Ematch

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 The 3/16 inch Pyro Poke non-sparking brass fireworks awl is used to make a hole in a firework lift charge. The 3/16" size is the best option for small bore cakes, the lift cup of a shell, quick-match, and produces a hole for an un-shrouded ematch head or safety fuse insertion.

If you want to leave the protective shroud in place over the ematch head, I suggest purchasing the 1/4" pyro poke. 

The poke has a 3.5 inch non-sparking brass shaft with a sharp tip. The orange 3.5 inch wide t-handle fits in the palm of your hand better than a ball style poke.