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MB32Q Pro Programmable Fireworks Firing System

MB32Q Pro - 32 Cue Programmable Fireworks Firing System- 100 Units Reduced Price

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100 MB32Q Pro purchased at a reduced price and we are passing on the savings.

You asked for it and made it happen! Use the MB32Q Pro in manual mode, step mode or program mode, the options are endless!

A modified RFRemotech MB32Q system with a faceplate designed to fit inside of a Seahorse 300 case. A few modifications include; the ability to have an internal rechargeable battery, a better antenna system, a larger keyed switch, LED on the front of the case hooked to cue 1 for range testing, heavy duty PCB board design with more mounting screws.

Included with the MB32Q Pro is the MB32Q Pro module in a Seahorse 300 case, 90 degree SMA antenna, external battery jumper with alligator clips. No remote or USB cable is included in the base price, see remote and cable options before adding a MB32Q Pro to the cart.

The MB32Q USB driver, show editor software, and melody combiner software can be downloaded from the RFRemotech website once a MB32Q Pro is plugged into a computer via the USB cable connection and powered on.

Links to the USB driver and show editor software can be found toward the bottom of the linked web page  MB32Q Pro USB driver and software link

MB32Q Pro Key Features:

Take your fireworks display to the next level using the RFRemotech MB32Q Pro. The MB32Q Pro can be used in simple manual mode, sequence mode, stepper mode, sequence a group of modules, and for a fully scripted and programmed pyro musical.

The MB32Q Pro firing system can be controlled in manual mode with the TCF200-12LN remote, and in program, sequence, and step modes using the TCF200-6XT or the TCF200-U multi-function remote.

The MB32Q Pro firing system cue time sequence can be programmed using the buttons and screen on the MB32Q Pro firing module or using the show editor  and a USB cord to load a program you create on a windows computer directly into the MB32Q Pro firing module. Go to the RFRemotech website for more information about the show editor software. The show editor software is free to download and install if you own a MB32Q Pro or MB32Q.  Software Link

The MB32Q Pro firing system has advanced cue overload protection with the capability of 10 amps output, and reverse protection to insure the firing system cues are not damaged from shorted wires installed in the cues. If there is a shorted igniter in a cue, the cue will not activate. Other features include a low power alarm and shorted cue warning.

The MB32Q Pro can be powered by a 12 to 24 volt external power source using the external jumper provided or the optional internal 12 volt sla battery and charger. We recommend a power source that's 2ah or larger in capacity. A 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, battery booster pack, or a power tool battery are a few examples of batteries that could be used to power the MB32Q Pro. Using the batteries mentioned the MB32Q Pro can ignite six clip igniters or six e-matches in parallel, or twelve e-matches in series.

 Manual Transmitter Key Features:

The 433.92 MHz FSK 200 meter transmitter works with the RFRemotech MS32Q Pro, MB32Q Pro, MS32Q, and MB32Q firing systems.

On/Off power switch

Backlit buttons

Red LED when turned on. Green indicator LED when transmitting.

The transmitter goes to sleep / locks after three minutes with no use to save battery life and for security.

Advanced transmitter technology sending out packets of information when transmitting.

200 meter range. We recommend the MB32Q Pro is used at least eighteen inches off the ground with antenna extended straight up for best results. The transmitter antenna should be extended, at least four feet off the ground, pointed straight up.

Powered by a 12 volt A23 battery under the back cover.

Program/Stepper Remote Key features:

The 433.92 MHz FSK 200 meter transmitter works with the RFRemotech MS32Q Pro, MB32Q Pro, MS32Q, and MB32Q firing systems.

On/Off switch

Backlit buttons

Red LED when turned on. Green indicator LED when transmitting.

Lock/Unlock Button; alloys the user to lock and unlock the remote for safety without turning the remote off.

Stop Button; reset the firing module back to the first cue.

Stepper Button; push one button to step through all 32 cues.

Sleep Mode; the back LED light shuts off after three minutes to save battery power. The Unlock button must be pushed before the remote can be used again or the on/off switch is turned off then back on.

Start Button; start a program installed in the MB32Q Pro module.

Pause button; pause a program installed in the MB32Q Pro module.

Continue button; continue an installed program in the MB32Q Pro module.

Why purchase the MB32Q from Remote Firing Systems .com?

The transmitter and receiver are taken apart and inspected for quality.

A conformal coating is applied to all received electronic components for water damage and corrosion protection.

The transmitter and receiver are range tested at 650 feet and load tested for proper operation before shipping to the customer.

Free one year warranty; the manufacture does not provide a warranty.

The MB32Q Pro is not a disposable firing system, it can be returned for repair if a problem does arise.


One year parts defect warranty. Scratches and burns are not covered. Water damage is not covered. Misuse is not covered.


Installing the MB32Q Driver and Show Editor Software onto a Computer

First use a USB to USB 2.0 cord to connect the MB32Q USB to a computer USB. Make sure the MB32Q has a power supply, then turn the key to ON.

Next manually install the MB32Q USB driver by clicking on the file named USB Driver.

Download the USB driver zip file located on the bottom half of the RFRemotech MB32Q webpage:

USB Driver link

File name USBDriver

Unzip the file, click on USBDriver, click on the X64 file if you have a 64 bit computer, then click on the file named DPlnst64 to manually load the MB32Q driver.

If you have a 32 bit computer click on the X86 file, then click on DPlnst to manually load the MB32Q driver.

Now that the driver is installed the show editor software can be downloaded and installed

RFRemotech Fireworks Show Editor Software: Show Editor Software link

File name Showeditor_V5.2.5BD.exe

How to use the Show editor video link 

You can also change the setting of your PC according to the guides below to download the Show Editor Software:

For Windows 8.0:  How to make Window 8 allow the installation of the driver

For Windows 8.1:  How to make Window 8.1 allow the installation of the driver

For Windows 10:   How to make Window 10 allow the installation of the driver   


  • 5
    MB32Q Pro

    Posted by Brian on 14th Jun 2021

    Recently received this in and did a test fire this weekend, everything work great and it was very user friendly to operate at a basic level. Looking forward to learning the more advanced systems this has to offer. Made firing the fireworks a breeze.

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by Tim Williams on 2nd Mar 2021

    I purchased the MB32Q with case and added slats. The quality of this product exceeded my expectations. I purchased a module directly from rfremotech years ago and wish I
    had known about this site beforehand. Dewey is extremely helpful and will go out of his way to help you with any problems or questions you may have. I highly recommend this product, as well as purchasing through this site.

  • 5
    MB32Q pro and MS32Q pro

    Posted by Dan on 25th Jul 2020

    I purchased one MS32Pro and three MB32Pro units in January. I used them for the first time this month for my neighborhood fireworks show which lasted 27 minutes. I manually programmed the three MB units using the onboard display and an online app to calculate all the times. I use all MJG initiators and fired over 70 cakes, 75 comets, mines, flames, strobes and fountains. I did not have a single failure to fire from any of the units. Some of the cues had 12 MJGs wired in series and all fired! I use a 24VDC external box to supply power to all the units. I used the MS manual units for a rack of 32 Comets and mines and fired them as needed using the Stepper controller. I highly recommend these controllers.
    Also, Duane shipped them out quickly and has always been very responsive to any questions, both via the phone and e-mail.
    I am retired and at that age of forgetfulness from time to time and found these units easy to program and use. I do not have to worry about future Software updates that exist with other firing systems.
    Thanks for a great product and support.

  • 5
    Firing system

    Posted by John N on 26th Jun 2020

    Quality system, good price and nice to know that he tests them out before he ships them.

  • 5
    reliable system

    Posted by Andrew M on 26th Jun 2020

    I have ordered other systems in the past, and purchased this to add on for a large show. Very pleased with the build quality and features for the price. Thanks Dewey

  • 5
    Amazing Addition To My Annual Show

    Posted by Steve O on 26th May 2020

    I have been putting on an annual firework displays for about 15 years now. Every year the challenge is to get everything lit and fired off in a safe and effective manner. Its a lot of work but so much fun. With the MB32Q Pro it just makes it that much simpler. Before I purchased I spoke with Duane and he reassured me and guided me. This system is a welcome and amazing addition to my show. Now I can sit back and with a press of a button have an even better display. Well built machine and super easy to use.