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MS32Q Pro, MS32Q, MB32Q Pro, MB32Q Stepper Program Start Transmitter

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Product Description

The TCF200-6XT remote will control the MS32Q Pro and MS32Q in step mode. The TCF200-6XT remote will control MB32Q Pro and MB32Q in program start and step mode.



On/Off Switch

Backlit Buttons

Lock/Unlock Button

Stop Button; reset the firing system back to the first cue.

Stepper Button; push one button to step through all 32 cue.

Sleep Mode; the back-light shuts off after three minutes to save battery power. The Unlock button must be pushed before the remote can be used again or the on/off switch is turned off then back on.

The Start, Pause, and Continue buttons are not used with the MS32Q Pro and MS32Q.

All of the button can be used with the MB32Q Pro and MB32Q.

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